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Zithery Goodness!

2013-06-19 18:17:50 by samulis

EDIT 2: Anyone having issues with the 32-bit version... there was an issue with the file export. That has now been resolved. Please redownload the file, or just the .dll HERE and replace the OLD 32B .dll.

EDIT: Download links changed to my own site because Dropbox doesn't like all the traffic... as a personal plea in the name of my bandwidth, don't download this unless you really plan on using it. :P

Hey guys!

I sampled a fretless zither (say what?) and made a basic vst out of it! Check out some music I made using it here:

From Mediafire:
32-bit version
64-bit version

Alt. from my own site ( enabled):
32-bit version
64-bit version

Clicking the above links will help me support the load on my website (seriously... I don't want it to asplode or anything) and make it easier for everyone and also make it so I can afford to create more virtual instruments, free and/or reasonably priced, in the future. You can also make a donation to my paypal if you liked it enough (send me an e-mail and I'll give you the details). :)

Please send any issues, requests, etc. to I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Virtual instrument created using Maize Sampler. Examples composed in Finale 2012. Info on my site.

For those who don't want to help me be able to make more free instruments like this but would rather just take it and run, here's the non-adfly link to my own site:
32-bit version
64-bit version

Zithery Goodness!


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2013-06-19 23:09:33

Dude, that's awesome! Thanks so much!

samulis responds:

No problem. :)


2013-06-23 13:32:35

What's a Zither? *Googling*... Austrian instrument...
*being an Austrian who didn't know his own kind's music*
...listen to the song...
... click download immediately...
...*don't know how to say thank-you properly*...
...*continue to cry from its beauty*

samulis responds:

Ah, I should mention... this is a Fretless zither, the cheap, poorly-made American copy of the Austrian instrument popular in the early 20th century. :P

Enjoy, Waffles!


2013-06-23 13:40:13

Look, I *really* don't know how to say thank-you properly to you. Perhaps I could try to write more better critiques for your music.

samulis responds:

No need, enjoy it. :)


2013-06-25 13:28:11

May I ask... what equipments did you use for the recording?

(Updated ) samulis responds:

A few Shure SM-57's... four I think, for this particular recording. They're not at all ideal for sampling, as they are dynamic mics meant more for live performance, but they do an okay job. They are all that are over at the location I record at (the local school).


2013-06-30 13:45:08

what type of instrument was that? it sounds very cool!

samulis responds:

Fretless Zither. ;) ar_zither


2013-07-05 03:27:02

Awesome!!! Beautiful sound. The Zither is very common in the region i am living in :D

samulis responds:

Fretless or Fretted? Fretless are very common across America, but are less common with actual musicians.


2013-07-05 12:58:02

Hm i dont really know if they are fretted or fretless - but zither-Music is very traditional in bavaria / black forrest!

samulis responds:

Probably fretted (Concert) zither then. Fretless is mostly an American instrument and is not as useful or quality as a fretted.


2013-07-05 14:11:51

Nice!! I have to try this one... Thanks for the info..

samulis responds:

Good luck! Let me know if you make anything with it. :)


2013-07-08 19:45:30

Congrats as this is some serious effort from you. I am going to download it soon.

samulis responds:

Thanks! It wasn't too much. :)


2013-07-08 19:50:24

Well then you are a pro now I must admit.

samulis responds:

haha nah, just found a program that can do it and spent a few hours recording myself plucking strings. ;)