Music on IMSLP

2012-08-18 16:52:56 by samulis

IMSLP is an online music/score library devoted mainly to making the Public Domain works of composers from earlier eras of classical, as well as works that are under Creative Commons licenses (such as my own). I have decided to release most of my scores as I convert them from their raw digital form to readable, playable form (ie, split chord blocks, clean things up, correct notation). Currently, I have a few of the larger works (Kingdom, Journey/Progress) and the new Bassoon Duets up, but I plan on putting up more.

If you are interested in performing these at a commercial venue, send me a PM/E-mail and we can talk about it. :),_Samuel_A rthur


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2012-08-18 17:11:54

Nowadays everybody goes "WIki" and "public domain" eh?

You look fecking handsome in that picture. Go in pro for all, I see.

samulis responds:


Thanks for the compliment... picture is actually a bit old.

My main thought with IMSLP is just to share my music with a broader audience and hopefully find someone willing to either perform it, make something really cool based on it, or at least give me some feedback from a point of view that isn't offered on NG.


2012-08-18 20:56:57

This is awesome!

samulis responds:

Thanks, man. I hope to keep work going that way so I don't get TOO caught up in the whole "make monies" thing. XD