Something every person seeking to build a game should read...

2013-01-30 15:55:25 by samulis

Hey guys,

With the addition of the Collabinator and continued readiness of people willing to build/join teams to create games, I figured it'd be good to make up a basic guide to the STEPS and general process of making a game, as there are MANY teams out there who look at a popular game and say "I like that, durp! I bet I can make something like that if I try hard enough and get enough people"... and go on to waste a lot of peoples' time. This also provides basic advice on how to run a team and get things going cleanly and efficiently with organized pipelines. Although it was written with the 001 Game Maker in mind, the general advice is designed to work for all teams and settings, including flash developments.

Read up on it here.

Something every person seeking to build a game should read...


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2013-02-02 01:50:21

More like, "Collaborative Game Development: For Dummies".
Also, remind me to abandon my dream of becoming a game dev because i can't program and make art for shit sljgfguyiae

samulis responds:

hehe, no need to abandon that... you can always form a team with artists and programmers and do music and story if you were driven and really wanted to. :P

Unfortunately, I feel there are a lot of teams which are lacking the basic stuff this guide goes over, and most fail due to one thing alone- networking. It's kinda sad.


2013-02-21 20:57:08

Good beginner guide. I think some jerk I'm working in some game project need to read this. Thanks.

samulis responds:

That's why I wrote it. :P