The reason there isn't much new music...

2013-03-17 22:48:07 by samulis

Just to let you guys know...

I've been really busy working on a massive music-related project for school among a pile of other things, so time that is normally spent writing music for fun is being spent on that and several commercial projects and such.

Look forward to the big project being up in a month or two!



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2013-03-19 06:27:24

Wish you all the best but don't forget us :)
Am also a bit busy with hectic hospital nights that I barely find the time for rest. But whenever I get some free time, I usually come here and listen to your's and some others awesome stuff to rejuvinate.

samulis responds:

I've been wondering why I haven't heard anything from you. :P

Do stay sane, mate!


2013-03-22 16:26:43

Upload some of the commercial stuff you are doing!

samulis responds:

Not possible with exclusive licensing. :/

We'll see though, I'll certainly link to the finished products!


2013-03-28 22:20:54

Look like you are moving faraway from here. You will soon forget where you come from, lure by the power of fames and money.

samulis responds:

Or massive pieces of program music... O.o


2013-04-09 14:10:56

Congrats for your successes :P

samulis responds:

Hehe, thanks man. Hope to see you around more. :)


2013-04-10 14:11:44

Ever call yourself a maestro?

samulis responds:

Lol... awww, I'm nowhere near good enough for that sort of honor man. I don't think I am gifted enough to call myself a Maestro, even down the road.


2013-04-21 15:38:48

lol your thread got locked, welcome to General!

samulis responds:


it lasted longer than most AP threads. :P

I wasn't sure which place to put it (collabs/general). I figured general since collabs gets less people interested in reading about collabs and more people interested in doing collabs.


2013-04-27 00:53:06

Good luck with that.


2013-05-24 04:31:37

How big is the project? :/

samulis responds:

It's done. :P

See the "A City Eternal" piece.


2013-06-18 01:16:38

Say hi to a new fan.

samulis responds:

Hi. :P