Dan Tranh VSTi Released!

2013-09-25 02:47:14 by samulis

Hey everyone!

It's that time of year again; @camoshark and I just released a new product! *oooh* *ahhh*

It's a deep-sampled vietnamese zither called the Dan Tranh, played by Camoshark himself! Consider this the first actual "Camoshark VST" (@skyewintrest, that means you can't say you used the Camoshark VST anymore unless it is this, muhaha!).

We put out a free version too that you can check out and use. :)


Dan Tranh VSTi Released!


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2013-09-25 02:53:06

Official CamoShark™ Seal of Approval ® granted.

samulis responds:

Lol, I forgot that, darn!


2013-09-25 04:55:25

Official Step™ Stamp of Recommendation ® granted.

samulis responds:


Oh man... what have we started here.


2013-09-25 15:53:51

Looks like a midi instrument program I used for Windows 95.

samulis responds:

Thanks for your continued faith in my abilities as a composer, artist, businessman, and friend. Your undying ability to always praise my work for being of such high quality as MIDI is a true testament to our fabulous friendship. :)


2013-09-25 22:20:32

Official Pirate™ Badge of Warez ® granted.

Can't wait to get a hand on this (legit!)

samulis responds:

hahaha good to hear! :)


2013-10-05 09:50:20

Official Krichotomy™ Why The Hell Can't My Computer Run VST's ® granted.

Bosa's comment was hilarious. Your reply had me bent over laughing.

samulis responds:


That's what Bosa is for!