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A Brief Farewell

Posted by samulis - January 19th, 2015

Friends and followers, fellow composers and producers.

Although this is my fifth anniversary as a composer, I deeply regret to tell you all that I will, as of now, be leaving Newgrounds, and most public places, for a few months. I am simply too flustered, insulted, and ill-tempered to be a constructive element of this community until I manage to get rid of these emotions.

Certain individuals seem to hold grudges at me for a number of my actions over the past few months. As I noted in my first correspondence to one of them, "the only thing I dislike more than enemies is having enemies." I wish only that they will get over this soon and find a constructive path to follow.

Aside from that, my decision to judge the NGADM made me far more enemies than friends it seems. It was my task to judge, and I damn well made sure I did that. I didn't give out a single rating or critique I haven't received considerably harsher of on my own work and learned greatly from, but I digress: it is done, and long gone, but I am still dealing with the emotional fallout from it and the last rumbles.

I will be taking this time to continue and speed up my ongoing exploration of the reaches of music- free improvization, early music, and now the exciting world of 19th century brass instruments and their applications in modern settings. I will also continue working on the creation and publication of virtual instruments, especially free ones, however, I will likely ask @Camoshark to make postings of them.

For those who have a nit to pick with me, or anyone over anything, I want you to open up text pad, write it out until you grow tired, then save and close it. Tomorrow, open it up, and slowly, deliberately drag it to the trash can. Rinse and repeat until you're done. That's what I'm going to be doing until then; letting time and logic overcome the heat. No one should have to fight tooth-and-claw to defend themselves, likely only inciting more insult in response.

For those who have concern for me, I will still have my e-mail and skype open at times.

I would like to thank @Step, @Camoshark, @Etherealwinds, @Troisnyx, @Skyewint, @Bosa, @nimble, @soundchris, and many others for their help, encouragement, dedication, and feedback over the years.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

-Sam Gossner

Comments (5)

Well that's interesting. I presume the best place for new stuff from you is your website then and maybe soundcloud?
I'm learning from your experience that if an opportunity ever arises, not to judge a contest. I appreciated the bit of truth you provided--allows me to look at my own pieces with a sense of reality and not askew from emotions.
Hope to see ya in a couple months.
I'm sure you've seen this right?
You're going to have enemies if your willing to maintain any integrity of heart.

I'm kinda sad to see you temporarily leave, as I think you're really helpful around here, but I can respect that you need a break... I guess :(.

I hope that you'll still keep in touch on Facebook/Skype though!

Regardless if this is only temporary I hope things only get better for you man. I know of course this isn't the end of the road in terms of the friendship we've built but it's only going to feel emptier around here. Best wishes Sam.

Just to let you know, you are one of my most respected composers within the NG community. You've given me some very constructive reviews, and I carefully read your forum posts because they are sure to teach me something valuable.

Thanks for everything you do around here, and I hope to see you back in a few months!

happy fuckin' birthday dude