Entry #59

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Out Now!

2015-08-12 23:10:27 by samulis

Hey guys!

Over the past two years, you might have noticed I haven't been posting much music to Newgrounds. That's because I was busy working on a game called Airscape: The Fall of Gravity (I also made the website), which is now out on Steam/Humble Store! If you like my music, I definitely suggest checking it out, as it really is some of my best work ever. I hope to put out an album version of the game's score within the week.



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2016-08-25 19:03:30

Wow! How did you make all that! That's super cool. ;)

samulis responds:

Hey thanks!

Took me a lot of time and a lot of patience to put things briefly. :)