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samulis's News

Posted by samulis - May 27th, 2012

Howdy all, it's been a long haul since January 2010, but I have finally arrived at my 100th piece in the audio portal. I want to take a moment to thank a few people for their guidance, inspiration, or otherwise helpful qualities. I refer to people by their NG name, Skype name, or real name.

-Computer112, for completing what I still regard as two of my favorite songs in a collab.
-Bosa and Edgen, for providing a great inspiration regarding where one can end up on Newgrounds and beyond.
-Bernd Wurfel, for his friendliness and help with writing and developing my style.
-Periphetes, yes you count too for all those "needs moar chorus" comments you keep giving me.
-Kristian and Hikari for giving critique on this piece.
-SkyeWintrest, who has provided critique beyond compare in constructiveness and frankness.

and so many other people out there who comment and help out on all my work... I am indebted to all of you.

I hope you will take this time to give it a listen and give some feedback.



Posted by samulis - May 21st, 2012

Believe it or not, but the next song I submit will be my 100th audio submission to Newgrounds, or for all you formality folks, NG-Opus 100. I will be working most of this next weekend on this composition, and I hope to make it a truly epic piece... now I wonder what will happen by the time of NG-Opus 200! :D

Posted by samulis - May 13th, 2012

I don't know if there are any other Roman History buffs out there who have read Steven Saylor's Historical Fiction novel Roma, but I'm working on a piece of "Program Music" following some of the thematic ideas through each chapter. Feel free to check out my soundcloud or click the link below (I'll update it with each new version) as I work on the piece over the next week or so.


Posted by samulis - April 15th, 2012

My film The Crusaders is finally under production after three years of hard work planning. I currently the audio and music prepared for the first scene and am working on animating it. I'll keep my news updated with progress on it, and I'll put up the trailer once I finish it.

Any voice actors interested in filling in any last minute roles are welcome to contact me for more information.

In addition, anyone interested in helping with the production is equally welcome to contact me.

The Crusaders Under Production!

Posted by samulis - January 29th, 2012

You can pre-order my new album, Imperion, today. It will come out in Febuary with at least 15 songs (it presently has 10). I included most of my new cinematic-orchestral pieces, but also a small jazz number and a song inspired partially by ambient music.

Click Here!

Pre-order "Imperion" today!

Posted by samulis - January 1st, 2012

Howdy folks, just here to say a few years about my goals for this new year.

First off, I want to best my number of compositions this year... I didn't have as many as last year due to time issues, but I really want to overcome this year at least (or else set a bad trend).

Second off, I want to get my music out there- find some flash developers who need orchestral-cinematic music and deliver. By the end of this year, I aspire to see my music in a game that gets greater than a daily 5th.

Third, I want to go on a journey back through the history of music, and hopefully lead some fellow Newgrounders with me, in a series of competitions, collaborations, and personal projects aimed at chasing down every link in the grand chain of evolution of classical from its humble beginnings in caves and huts to its grand practice in massive halls today... I think we as a whole don't appreciate the thousands who paved the way for our grand orchestras today.

Fourth, I want to help share what knowledge I have in composition with as many people are willing to share their knowledge in return or merely listen.

Fifth, I want to finally set up a group of dedicated artists, programmers, and musicians willing to work together and as parts to both spread their knowledge and make some really awesome games, animations, art pieces, and compositions. Whether this gets done or not, I don't know... but it's something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

Thank you for the awesome year, Newgrounds. I'd like to thank every single person who has downloaded one of my songs or left a review or purchased some of my 3D content. It means a lot to be in a world where people are willing to support the arts and the creative process, however indirectly, and every word counts when it comes to creative enterprises.

May the best of times be upon you all,

Posted by samulis - November 9th, 2011

Support my music creation by purchasing one of my albums. The proceeds go towards some new VSTs from EastWest. :)

The Days of Yore

Older albums:
Sounds of Imparus I
Sounds of Imparus II

An even sweeter deal: Enter 'newgroundsaudio' when purchasing The Days of Yore and receive a 25% discount if you buy before 2012!

Support my music!

Posted by samulis - November 8th, 2011

I've committed to writing reviews to orchestral and cinematic pieces entered under Classical. Since I'm not much of a pianist and all that music sounds the same to me mostly, I'm not going to review things that are mainly piano unless they are short or I can see an easy way to orchestrate them.

I especially want to write reviews on pieces by new artists so I can help them improve their work. I am committed to constructive critique only and will post at least five ideas for improvement. This isn't a guarantee I will get to posting reviews, but I will at least get every few pieces.

Posted by samulis - August 26th, 2011

I finished the updates for the third BETA of Hoplite. A few more months and it'll be completely done!

Sadly, it'll never be a flash game, so I'll never get to put it in the portal. :(

Hoplite ModDB

Posted by samulis - August 6th, 2011

Come try out my little desktop game- "The Hoplite", featuring some of my latest compositions and graphical works.